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What to eat during pregnancy?

What does/did a typical day of eating for you while pregnant look like?

Becky Shannon (anonymous)

33 weeks today….

AM – Tea and 2 pieces of toast with marmalade

LUNCH – hummus with crackers and veg sticks or grain based salad pot

SNACK – Tea (and maybe an iced bun)

DINNER – 3 veggie sausages, mashed potatoes, veg and gravy…. fruit salad with Greek style soy yoghurt

Plus about 3/4 pieces of fruit throughout day.

Shue Calero (anonymous)

Breakfast: water, 1 bowl of cereal, soya milk, banana, orange, hot drink
2nd Breakfast: toast, jam, vegan butter, decaff tea
Lunch: Violife cheese sandwhich or soup and bread, soya yogurt and chia seeds, 2 apples
2nd lunch: oreos and soya milk, like a whole package
3rd lunch: mcdonalds veggie burger veganised, fries, apple bag
Pre-dinner: pesto pasta with nooch
Dinner: vegan sausages and mash with gravy and beans and onions
Dessert: watermelon or tinned fruit with vegan ice cream
Evening snacks: popcorn, chocolate, crisps, hummus and red bell pepper

Isabel (anonymous)

Pretty normal for me? Currently 30+4 and my days usually look something like:

B; oatmeal with powder (protein, Maca, supergreens, etc.) banana, muesli/nuts/fruit topper

L; pb on toast, an apple and a snack bar or something akin to that. Maybe a packet of chickpea puffs, or something.

D; hot meal (usually pasta or rice with veg, protein, etc.)

Snack; toast or crumpet or yogurt with cereal and fruit.

Later on; mug of hot cashew or almond milk

Emma (anonymous)

Lot’s and lot’s of whatever I wanted. I also had a weird thing for strong smells.. (Example) Like those wine cheeses and etc.. They made me drool.

Brooke S. (anonymous)

Oats, bananas, potato and leek soup, bagels and earth balance, water and ginger ale. Bread or Toast.
I was throwing up and had food aversions until 36 weeks.

Holy (anonymous)

I honestly depends on how bad ur morning sickness and indigestion is. I usually don’t eat anything after 7 so I can avoid being kept up all night with indigestion i’m 26 weeks now. Lots of fruit and salad mainly plus water juice and pulses.

Victoria Sittle (anonymous)

28 weeks today!

B: half a decaf coffee in unsweetened coconut milk with coconut sugar. Home made granola with fruit or toast with natural pb and home made jam

S: celery and yam crackers with hummus or guacamole with veggies and chips

L: leftovers like home made soup or taco salad etc plus an orange. A handful of roasted chickpeas or granola bar too if it’s a hungry day

S: chocolate banana protein smoothie or mixed nuts – sometimes both if it’s s real hungry day.

D: blackbean yam burger lettuce wrapped and home made onion rings, or a stirfry, or fake fish tacos etc

S: popcorn or fruit or homemade sugar free cookie. Sometimes a glass of chocolate soy milk to get on an extra 10g of protein.

I drink a lot of water all day long and usually one bottle of plain Perrier mixed with cranberry juice.

Daria Carter (anonymous)

M: oatmeal &/or smoothie (homemade oatmeal muffins for on the go)
Lunch: salad or soup
Dinner: Usually a quinoa bowl of some sort with veggies
Snack: Walnuts sometimes with unsweetened dried cranberries or Dates (I am eating my Omegas instead of supplementing)

Maxine (anonymous)

9th week: cinnamon raisin toast with dark choc. pb dreams and hemp, berries, decaf coconut milk coffee – daily (this is like having a chocolate croissant with balanced, vegan, nutrition) – lunch is roasted veggies (today is lentils, asparagus and butternut squash), snack before the gym some fruit, a clementine, apple, melon or a mini larabar, dinner – soup and hummus sammy, vegan pizza, vegan boca burger with the works and sweet spuds, pasta marinara or thai peanut veggies and tofu, snack – non dairy ice cream cone, vegan homemade cupcakes or some chocolate from HU kitchen and mint tea..

Maria Franzetti (anonymous)

Random food but constantly chewing on something. I’m a huge snacker and pregnancy only makes it worse. My big thing with last baby was greens. The more the better. Cooked raw with vinegar chips sprinkled on top I literally ate sautéed greens by the bowl full, with a side salad of more greens.

Cat Harris (anonymous)

I’m 20 weeks and I feel like I eat like a hound… haha. My brekkie porridge with maple syrup, chia seeds, linseed and a banana… with some coffee… the lunch is either a green smoothie… this consists of spinach, kale, seeds, nuts, kiwi, cucumber, avocado carrot etc. Or a veggie wrap… dinner is usually massive stir fry curry pasta etc… then snacks on dark chocolate rice cakes, different salted nuts, fruits, soy yogurts… making myself hungry as I type…

Kate (anonymous)

B- Peanut butter muesli bar, (probably toast too), almond milk coffee- one a day!
Am snack- couple of apples and some watermelon, coconut yoghurt, handful of nuts and dried fruit
L- veggie burger, wholemeal bun with lots of salads
Arvo snack- oat muffin
D- pasta, laksa, noodle soup
Dessert- ice cream, sorbet or some cookies!

*very greedy* 21 weeks.

Amber Doster (anonymous)

33+4 today:
Breakfast – bagel with vegan cream cheese & jelly
Lunch – leftover mexican tortilla soup (with added rice and crushed tortilla chips)
Dinner – cashew cream pesto pasta (2 servings ) & baguette
Snacks: granola bar, watermelon, bananas
Before bed: glass of chocolate almond milk (really helps with my heartburn!)