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Vegan vitamin A for pregnancy, some ideas?

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So my bf and I are TTC #2 and I am currently taking an algal supplement for omegas. When I was pregnant with my first my midwife warned me against taking fish oil as a supplement because it is so high in vitamin A. I was eating fish at the time so I was not worried about getting enough omegas and just did not supplement. I am nervous about continuing to supplement with algae because I really do not know if it also contains very high amounts of vitamin A. However I also want to make sure that I am getting enough omegas to help my next little one grow a healthy brain. Can anyone point me in the direction of some quality information about this topic? (I know about flax, walnuts, chia etc so I don’t need advice on incorporating those into my diet). Honestly omegas and essential fatty acids are one of the most difficult concepts for me to wrap my head around since there is so much conflicting evidence on how much we need and in what ratios (nutrition facts does not seem to help me with this one).

Ann Stone (anonymous)

I personally stopped using Spirulina because I feel more safe not taking extra Vitamin A.

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