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Vegan protein powder, which one you suggest?

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Does anyone use vegan protein powder?

Christi Stubinski (anonymous)

Safe for pregnancy? I am trying to increase protein.

Brtiney (anonymous)

Yes I get it from Costco. I think it’s called organix..some thing like that I’ll check when I get home.

Chistina Liams (anonymous)

Yes iron vegan. Its raw and non gmo and the unflavored has no weird shit in it.

Ash T. (anonymous)

Yes i have been adding soy protein to my morning amoothiea throughout this pregnancy when i’m all done this one i think i’m gonna try hemp protein

Amanda Garcia (anonymous)

I use Vega. My midwife suggested it to up my protein intake.

Alisha (anonymous)

Yes, I prefer Arbonne’s powder. I’m 27 weeks.

Trisa Keyle (anonymous)

I use vega =) it has veggies in it too and even my toddler loves it! I use it in smoothies and as a milk powder substitute in granola bars/ no bake cookies.

Katie Graham (anonymous)

Garden of life raw protein powder. I get the vanilla. It’s pretty good. Also pregnancy approved. I took it to my doctor to ask.

Sussie Lue (anonymous)

Yes Shakeology!!! Or the new one called Think Thin its gotprotein and probiotics and so yummy!

Tina Gross (anonymous)

Yes I use JP Complete for my breakfast with almond milk, it taste delicious!

Megan Johnson (anonymous)

From Costco:
Sun warrior
Pea protein
Sacha inchi
Rice protein

I use it sometimes not everyday

Bailey (anonymous)

I love Garden of Life unflavored! I use it a few times a week. Just whenever I have a smoothie, I’m not strict about it.

Shanon Perez (anonymous)

Yes I use Arbonne’s, it’s full of essential vitamins & minerals, 20g of vegan easily digestible protein from rice, cranberries and peas, as well as gluten free, soy free and no artificial sweeteners or flavours. It’s my favorite.

Cloe (anonymous)

I add Vega protein powder into my smoothies sometimes.

Michelle R. (anonymous)

If you are eating a whole food plant based diet (no processed foods) you will be hard pressed to not get enough protein if you are getting enough calories.