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Vegan protein powder, which one you suggest?

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Does anyone use vegan protein powder?

Maria Cortes (anonymous)

Every day for breakfast. I prefer chocolate shakes so generally blend the chocolate powder with flax/pea/almond milk and sometimes a nut butter. With vanilla, I blend with fruit and veggies for a nice smoothie. If I’m craving sweets later in the day, sometimes I’ll have a small shake mixed with water instead of a milk.

Claudia Thurman (anonymous)

I love Garden of life greens vanilla with almond milk !!!

Amy (anonymous)

Orgain Chocolate Fudge. I’ve been using Pulsin pea and hemp powders to make proteinsmoothies while pregnant and BF.

Daniella C. (anonymous)

Yes I did while I was breastfeeding didn’t know about it before but would if I was pregnant it’s amazing.

Elisa (anonymous)

Yes. Garden of life brand.

Brooke Perry (anonymous)

I use pea protein powder that has no sugar and a probiotic included in it. Love it and it’s an easy on the go snack when I need something fast for me and kids.

Marcelle Thomson (anonymous)

I like Orgain’s vanilla protein powder.

Monica Robbins (anonymous)

I definitely agree arbonne protein powder. I used it while pregnant and even still using it I also use the meal replacement one. It has a lot of great vitamin like b12.

Inez (anonymous)

Yes. I use vegan kaizen protein powder in a smoothie or occasionally in pancakes. I uses to use vega but it tastes too fake to me.

Donna Ulrich (anonymous)

Plant Fusion for fun, but not necessary.

Jennifer (anonymous)

I drink a superfood shake that has 16g of protein and soooo many other health benefits.

Lisa Kong (anonymous)

During pregnancy, you need to consume at least an extra 25 grams of protein each day, for about 100 total grams of protein per day, specially during the second and third trimester when your baby is growing rapidly. Hope this helps.

Jenny (anonymous)

Sidney, when you’re pregnant, about 70g per day

Sidney (anonymous)

How many grams of protein should I be getting?

Lara w. (anonymous)

I use vegan Shakeology. OB approved. 🙂