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Vegan life during pregnancy? Is it safe? I need some advice.

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Hey guys! So I’m not pregnant nor are my boyfriend and I trying but I hear from my Mom all the time how I’m going to have to stop being a Vegan. I’d love to hear from pregnant Vegans!

Jesica Lieb (anonymous)

Vegans who are pregnant do need to be more careful though and may need some extra supplements (as do pregnant omnivores, but a bit different). The book ‘Vegan for Life’ has details about every stage of life.

Annalisa (anonymous)

I was vegan during my second pregnancy and my current. All blood work was great and is great for this one as well. Kept my weight gain low compared to my first (im overweight so best to keep it lower anyway) my second came out at 9lbs, 9oz, 21 inches long and healthy as can be! I am 28 weeks now and baby is doing just fine.

Christina (anonymous)

Had a healthy baby girl grown from fruits and veggies
6lbs 11oz and has became a chunky monkey only on mommys milk. She is my 6th and the only one ive ate this way with and she has grown the fastest out of all my babies after they were born.
And my pregnancy was healthy and worked up till my 38th week.

Judy Sittle (anonymous)

7 weeks pregnant and vegan. First midwife appointment on Halloween but everything’s looking good.

The father of this baby was actually told that it would be extremely unlikely that he would ever have children. We were together once, he’d had a bit to drink as well (which is supposed to hinder chances) and I fell pregnant. We weren’t trying and this was a surprise. I’ve been vegan since June.

Ann Hermann (anonymous)

Becoming vegan is how we became pregnant! We had used the pull put method and ovulation tracking for 3 years and within 4 months of both transitioning to vegan we got the best surprise ever! My doctors have been impressed with my urine and bloodwork levels this entirepregnancy and I do believe part of that is a vegan diet. 8 more weeks to go before we meet our little vegan family member.

Karen (anonymous)

I was vegan my entire pregnancy and my perfect little bean was born 4 weeks ago.

My midwives said I could be referred to a nutritionist if I wanted but usually vegans are more aware of what they are eating and the nutrients they are getting so its not a concern at all!

Olivia D. (anonymous)

I’m not pregnant anymore but I was vegan while growing this little chunk. My ob was amazed at how good my bloods always were despite having hyperemesis. 🙂