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Symptoms of miscarriage?

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I think I may be having a miscarriage. 🙁 I’ve experienced weight loss (but I also became vegan 3 months ago, so that may be the reason), white mucus, and light bleeding. I’m 8 weeks and have an appointment Monday. I don’t want to wait all weekend in a panic. Help! What were your symptoms that resulted in a miscarriage?

Chrystal (anonymous)

There is a blood test to test your HCG levels. Some labs will do it without a doctor referral. I know in my state I was able to walk into a lab and pay $10 cash and I had the results in a couple hours. In my case, my levels were way below where they were supposed to be, so I knew the pregnancy wouldn’t last.

I don’t really know what going to the er would do for you, they can’t stop it from happening. It’s scary and can be painful but other than rest I don’t have a recommendation for you.

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