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Symptoms of miscarriage?

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I think I may be having a miscarriage. 🙁 I’ve experienced weight loss (but I also became vegan 3 months ago, so that may be the reason), white mucus, and light bleeding. I’m 8 weeks and have an appointment Monday. I don’t want to wait all weekend in a panic. Help! What were your symptoms that resulted in a miscarriage?

Christina Fernandez (anonymous)

I had a Miscarriage 2 weeks ago. Started 6pm with cramps and light pink spotting progressed to heavy bleeding and contractions over night, lost my pregnancy symptoms 1-2 days prior.
Call your Dr or go A&E if it gets worse or you pass tissue.
Might just implantation bleeding, that’s normal.
A & E could do nothing for me but ride it out.
Fingers crossed its just implantation. Please keep us updated.

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