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Symptoms of miscarriage?

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I think I may be having a miscarriage. 🙁 I’ve experienced weight loss (but I also became vegan 3 months ago, so that may be the reason), white mucus, and light bleeding. I’m 8 weeks and have an appointment Monday. I don’t want to wait all weekend in a panic. Help! What were your symptoms that resulted in a miscarriage?

Becky (anonymous)

Go to the emergency room!

Christina Fernandez (anonymous)

I had a Miscarriage 2 weeks ago. Started 6pm with cramps and light pink spotting progressed to heavy bleeding and contractions over night, lost my pregnancy symptoms 1-2 days prior.
Call your Dr or go A&E if it gets worse or you pass tissue.
Might just implantation bleeding, that’s normal.
A & E could do nothing for me but ride it out.
Fingers crossed its just implantation. Please keep us updated.

Sandra O. (anonymous)

What does becoming vegan have anything to do with it? And you should really go to the emergency room! Best wishes!

Ann Taylor (anonymous)

Emergency ROOM! NOW!

Michelle Gonza (anonymous)

Go to ER but don’t automatically assume I.had heavy bleeding up to 5 + months and thank god at 27 weeks all is good with me and baby so don’t think the worst fingers crossed

Chanel Donley (anonymous)

I think she’s saying that since becoming vegan she has had weight loss.

Emily Kaufman (anonymous)

Symptoms are…if you think it is go. Don’t wait. If you go every month go… It’s better to be safe and that’s their job.

Rachel T. (anonymous)

I had bleeding and awful back pains and it was not a miscarriage. Definitely go in so they check you and call your doctor.

Nicole Lewis (anonymous)

Severe cramping, light spotting at first with heavy bleeding later.

The emergency room could tell you if it’s a viable pregnancy or at 8 weeks they may not be able to hear a heartbeat yet because baby is just so so tiny, so it could be helpful or worry you more.

Nicole Heyes (anonymous)

I had light bleeding and stuff from early on and turned out I had placenta previa.

Alisha (anonymous)

I had light bleeding around that time with my son, he’s 3.5 years old now. I’d go to emergency room so they can give you an ultrasound to be sure that’s what I did.

Chrystal (anonymous)

There is a blood test to test your HCG levels. Some labs will do it without a doctor referral. I know in my state I was able to walk into a lab and pay $10 cash and I had the results in a couple hours. In my case, my levels were way below where they were supposed to be, so I knew the pregnancy wouldn’t last.

I don’t really know what going to the er would do for you, they can’t stop it from happening. It’s scary and can be painful but other than rest I don’t have a recommendation for you.

Diana Lehman (anonymous)

I would go to the ER if your really worried love. Best wishes!!!

Lara F. (anonymous)

Light spotting and discharge are normal. I was always told if you’re having a miscarriage there will be a lot of heavy blood and you will know.

Liz (anonymous)

I had light spotting and had one 2 months ago at almost 10 weeks. In 2013 i lost a 22 week pregnancy without any symptoms or bleeding, went in for a reg visit and there was no heartbeat. I hope you’re one of those cases where it happens but baby is actually fine. Good luck. I’d go to ER if i were you.