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Symptoms of miscarriage?

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I think I may be having a miscarriage. 🙁 I’ve experienced weight loss (but I also became vegan 3 months ago, so that may be the reason), white mucus, and light bleeding. I’m 8 weeks and have an appointment Monday. I don’t want to wait all weekend in a panic. Help! What were your symptoms that resulted in a miscarriage?

Clara R. (anonymous)

Get to a doctor asap. Don’t take a chance with something like that. Sending love to you and your baby. Keep me posted.

Julienne (anonymous)

When I first found out I was pregnant I had period symptoms like spotting, very soar breast, my whole body ached I for sure thought it was my period because of the spotting and horrible cramps as days kept passing and my period wouldn’t come but I still felt like it was, then a week passed I took a pregnancy test but the line was so light that I ignored it then another week passed and I took another test the line got darker I went to the doctor to get a test and get checked out because the cramping was pretty painful it turned out I was 7 weeks pregnant and now I’m 32 weeks pregnant, I had a horrible first 4 months of pregnancy with a lot of cramping, nausea, very soar breast and ugh was the worst up until month 5-7 I felt normal and now again with a lot of cramping the doctor kept saying to drink a lot of water hopefully it’s not a miscarriage and your body is just getting used to pregnancy etc.. at one point I thought I was having one too because of how bad the cramps were but nope everything has been normal so far and now I’m having my first boy 9 years later good luck and fingers crossed that it’s not.

Gabriella (anonymous)

Sorry why is everyone speaking like this is definitely a miscarriage? You don’t know that for sure, OP needs to be checked out.

Kelsey Dickens (anonymous)

I’m sorry to say this, but at this stage, they cannot and won’t do anything to stop it if it is a miscarriage. Wait until your appointment, and try and just take it easy this weekend. I have suffered a few, so I know how horrible the feeling is. One I had no symptoms, just started spotting. The other, I had mild cramping, and started spotting a few days later.

Adie W. (anonymous)

At around 6 weeks I had light blood spotting for a couple or days, more so when I exerted myself. Went to hospital and they did an internal ultrasound, saw heartbeat on the bean and they said bean was fine. Couldn’t explain it. Blood all over the ultrasound stick. 25 weeks and baby is doing good.

Amber Shanon (anonymous)

I had spotting with both my pregnancies at 9 weeks and both went full term (2 and 3yo now). The white discharge normal during pregnancy.

Michelle (anonymous)

I had first trimester bleeding and a healthy baby at 41 weeks.
At 8 weeks your baby should be visible on an ultrasound. If you are worried, go in or call your doctor.

Aurora Golden (anonymous)

I had a miscarriage about 8 yrs ago and I actually had no spotting or bleeding(until after my DNC) I just started having bad stomach cramps that increased at around 9 weeks and so I went to ER and sure enough I was losing the baby. BUT just go get checked out bc you never know! Hoping for the best for you.

Kinga Solman (anonymous)

My breast hurt terribly when I was pregnant… suddenly all my symptoms stopped… I knew right then… I was 13 weeks. It took 2 weeks for my body to realize.

Ann (anonymous)

I had the same things and I now have a three month old, don’t panic yet.

Elise Boal (anonymous)

You have to go to emergency now!

Dana U. (anonymous)

I’m so sorry if you are. I didn’t have any symptoms with mine.

Tara (anonymous)

Bleeding can be normal in a healthy pregnancy. I wouldn’t worry yet. Weight loss in early pregnancy is also very normal due to morning sickness.

Kaia Forst (anonymous)

I had a miscarriage and found out last night. I had mild to severe back cramps, brown blood which turned into heavy red blood with greyish clots and a horrid smell. I lost my sore boobs and my aversion to certain smells, I also had a tightness in my stomach and period like cramps.

Emily Dee (anonymous)

I had heavy bleeding and passed 2 large clots at 5 weeks and went to the hospital and was told I had miscarried… I was still nauseous a week later so went back to hospital and after a scan was told he was still there – he’s just turned 3.

Go to A&E and the will be able to do an internal scan and tell you.