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Quick vegan meal ideas during pregnancy

I’m desperate for some VERY QUICK vegan meal ideas. I’ve been trying to transition our family for awhile now. When we have a long day or get home late it’s just so fast and easy to make something with animal products. I try to stay away from processed foods but my weekly meals plans are constantly revolving around meatless, soy-free products. Any ideas for super fast whole food meals would be appreciated! Thank you.

Ann (anonymous)

Pre cut all the veggies for stir fry on a weekend and just throw it in a pan! You could even do your rice/quinoa ahead.

Lory (anonymous)

Brown rice in a pressure cooker (or quinoa or another grain), cut up pre-marinated tofu (can buy from a lot of stores), some kind of green either steamed or quickly saut√©ed with garlic and a bit of oil (Swiss chard, spinach, kale, etc), other veggies if u have time, all topped with a quick and easy tahini sauce (can be made in a blender also on the weekend or right before). Seems like a lot but it is really fast, healthy and yummy. Good sauce recipes can be found on facebook or in Appetite for Reduction (Isa Chandra’s book that talks about these fast bowl recipes).

Jennifer Helferty (anonymous)

I have been struggling to transition my family as well… Mainly because my husband won’t transition to vegan and my oldest son has been raised with dairy as a go to food… So, it is a work in progress, but I have just been powering through… some meals turn out TERRIBLE… lol ūüôā¬†I have found a few really simple recipes are stir fry’s. Or, you can buy broccoli slaw from the grocery store and all the veggies are already julienne… make a simple sauce for over top and serve it with rice or noodle or a piece of naan. We eat a lot of mexican inspired dishes because beans are a staple and they are so easy if you can find organic, canned beans… I make one recipe that is onions and garlic sauteed, then add a can of white beans, 6 cups of chopped spinach, cumin, chili powder, salt, pepper, 1/4 cup of salsa… cook covered until spinach is wilted, then uncover for another 3-4 minutes and serve in a tortilla. Takes maybe 20 minutes tops.

Joane (anonymous)

Pasta sauce can be quick too!

Cloe Ying (anonymous)

I crumble up tempeh and saut√© it with olive oil salt pepper and garlic powder, add peppers onions and red sauce throw it over pasta…it’s delicious! Also veggie burgers and 5 min fries.

Kristine Britt (anonymous)

A lot of the Amy’s frozen burritos are vegan, and¬†quick¬†and easy to hold. Bagel and hummus or peanut butter?

Sandra (anonymous)

I remember eating one handed. I’d¬†quickly¬†cut my food up before sitting to eat it because that’s exactly the moment they wake up needing you! I could then just scoop up and in.

Kimberly (anonymous)

Make a container of bean salad to take from throughout the week.

Chrystal Cornish (anonymous)

A quick meal that I make is soy chorizo, black beans and organic corn, with avocado. I make a burrito or just eat it out of a bowl.