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Properly planned vegan diet for babies

Apparently the British NHS is against vegan diets for babies, even though the American Dietetic Association and other Countries have stated that “properly planned vegan diets” are suitable for babies and children.

Any of you moms with vegan babies and children care to enlighten these idiots?

Holy (anonymous)

They are probably against it because the number of people that do it poorly or would do it poorly is pretty high.. and i honestly wouldnt trust the american board either but i do agree it can be done well

Laura Viklund (anonymous)

And feeding junk is so much better. ūüôā
Since obesity is becoming a real problem maybe they should be more concerned with that rather than vegan parents feeding their kids vegan diets. Of course there’s poorly informed parents but shouldn’t they try to help them out instead then…

Anna Bonilla (anonymous)

We can hope (silly) concerns about a (healthier) vegan diet can raise awareness in all parents to look better in their children’s diets.
Which parent is really following a course or reading books and articles to learn how a diet can be balanced for a baby? (A part from some vegan parents)

Frederica (anonymous)

The NHS do support vegan diets for babies and children, the article is misleading.

Ellie T. (anonymous)

I always love this argument: in order for a vegan diet to be safe, it needs to be carefully planned and well executed. So better don’t do it at all. Uhmmm…??¬†¬†Apart from the fact that you can say the exact same about an omni diet, you ALWAYS need to¬†take good care of what your kids eat. So considering that, maybe it’s safest not to feed our kids anything at all? At least we are sure not to give them an unhealthy diet.

Ann (anonymous)

I think all diets for infants should be well planned, regardless of whether they are vegan or not.

Sandra (anonymous)

My comment:

There is no nutrient in animal products that can’t be found better in plants. In fact, considering how high in saturated fat and cholesterol meat and dairy are; vegan kids are actually much healthier and will have much less chance of developing diabetes, heart disease, cancer and a host of other ailments. (This link is from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, it says vegetarian but is actually vegan).

Olivia Mordin (anonymous)

It makes me feel a little nervous to be honest. I get a bit paranoid about missing nutrients. What would constitute careful planning?

Brian Joe (anonymous)

If you’re concerned the vegan society has an excellent booklet – feed your vegan child with confidence. Highly recommend!

Connie First (anonymous)

I’m British, and my hospital doctor and midwife never batted an eyelid when I said I was vegan and wanted to formula feed soya formula to my newborn. In fact they said a vegan diet was really healthy and that they fully support me!

Aurora W. (anonymous)

Also literally nobody is outraged about this. The British media are too busy shitting on transgender birth parents to care about veganism! Lol

Jenny Clarke (anonymous)

I have two vegan babies and the NHS and health visitors are very supportive. I’ve never had any comments. Due to the fact veganism is protected under discrimination it’s hard to believe they are, but you learn something new everyday.

Sendy Duff (anonymous)

I don’t think they know much about it. I mentioned it to The¬†constipation nurse I see for my daughter, she said a vegetarian diet would be fantastic for her to pass stools more easily but didn’t know enough about a vegan diet to comment as she assumed we all at least need dairy. I think it’s they don’t understand it not that they necessarily disagree with it.

Clara James (anonymous)

5 of my 6 babies are vegan. They’re rarely ever ill, are mentally and emotionally happy and know what they’re putting into their bodies. Why it’s ok though, to promote meat when its carcinogenic, chicken periods and pus filled dairy¬†is¬†beyond me! Myself and my kids eat whole plant based foods, cooked from scratch with¬†the¬†occasional vegan ‘junk’ burger for example. I’ve done my research. I know my babies will be less at risk for .

Tiffany Radix (anonymous)

I’m an NHS dietitian bringing up my 18month old vegan