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Pregnancy with cats and dogs and other furbabies

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Those who have furbabies first and have been pregnant. When in the gestation did you notice a change in their behavior? (Dogs or cats or any other animal kids)

Jardine Lean (anonymous)

Not for most of it but I’m 39 weeks now and for the last month or so my cat has been super clingy, she’s always been cuddly but now she’ll follow me around and meow if she can’t find me and whenever I lay down she immediately comes over and cuddles up to me. Also for the last few days one of my dogs has been staring at me, like she usually follows me around and watches me even before I was pregnant but it’s different now not like staring like dogs do when they’re being threatening but like just more alert/curious, ears forward tail slowly wagging. I think she just realized something is happening with me but since she hasn’t been around a pregnant lady before I don’t think she understands what it is yet.

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