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Pregnancy with cats and dogs and other furbabies

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Those who have furbabies first and have been pregnant. When in the gestation did you notice a change in their behavior? (Dogs or cats or any other animal kids)

Sheri W. (anonymous)

I can’t vouch for animals’ behavior while pregnant, as I’ve never been pregnant. But when my little brother was a baby we had a cat who was very mean to anyone but us. Anyways she used to treat him like her kitten. She knew the differences in his cries and would come get us and harass us if she felt we were taking too long. And as a toddler if he was throwing a fit she’d tell him to knock it off in her cat way. She was never ever mean to him, and he was her boy up until she died when he was 10. She did the same for my little sister who is a few years younger than my brother but the bond was stronger between that cat and my brother. Animals are very smart and intuitive creatures. I completely believe that they know things before we do.

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