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Pregnancy with cats and dogs and other furbabies

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Those who have furbabies first and have been pregnant. When in the gestation did you notice a change in their behavior? (Dogs or cats or any other animal kids)

Chrstina (anonymous)

My heeler has smelled my belly and acted like she knows. My pomeranian (male) hasn’t been any different.

Judy Jane (anonymous)

We got our kitten when I was about 34 weeks pregnant, and he loved me more than anyone else in the house! He was always laying on my belly and most people he didn’t act like that with. Now my baby girl is here and he loves her.

Mary (anonymous)

My little one knows. She’s always laying on or near my belly. She didn’t come near me my first 6 weeks of pregnancy. She’s usually attached at my side and it was like she wanted nothing to do with me. It was so bizarre. After that, she went back to normal and now sleeps at my tummy instead of between my legs.

Ann (anonymous)

I’m due next week and honestly never noticed a change in any furbabies. 2 doggies and 2 cats.

Xina D. (anonymous)

Depends. My eldest dog was attached to my belly from about 6 weeks onwards and ran for the hills when she was born haha. My youngest dog (at the time) didn’t care until about a week before she was born and was by her side from birth onwards, like her own personal guardian angel.

Tina Jones (anonymous)

Yeah I understand some pets don’t show a change but my furbabies have been weird recently and I’m trying to ignore it but they’re persistent of which my hubs and I trying right now lol.

Ash Neil (anonymous)

Yes everyone they respond but I’m wonder when did they start showing more affection to you and your bun in the oven?!

Sam Toddy (anonymous)

Our bunny knew I was pregnant before I did. He became super protective and he’d follow me around 🙂

Estee (anonymous)

My cat seemed to know very early on with all 3 pregnancies. Pawing at my stomach, laying near me more often, being more attentive.

The night I had pre-term labor with my first, he was laying curled up to my stomach for hours before cramps even started. He has never done that before or since. He definitely knew something was up.

He’s always been very sweet with my children. We call him the nanny because he pays extra attention to them if they’re sick and if they are fussing he often hears them through the monitor before we do and starts yelling at us to wake up.

Whitney (anonymous)

Around 7 months my boy, Wolf got really snugly with the belly. And now Mowgli is born, he is very protective of him. Our cat didn’t care about me much when I was pregnant but as soon as bub was born he turned into a whole new cat! We used to never see him unless it was dinner time, now he is here all day, everyday and is actually playful! He doesn’t pay much attention to Mowgli but I can tell he has changed tremendously since his birth.

Sheri W. (anonymous)

I can’t vouch for animals’ behavior while pregnant, as I’ve never been pregnant. But when my little brother was a baby we had a cat who was very mean to anyone but us. Anyways she used to treat him like her kitten. She knew the differences in his cries and would come get us and harass us if she felt we were taking too long. And as a toddler if he was throwing a fit she’d tell him to knock it off in her cat way. She was never ever mean to him, and he was her boy up until she died when he was 10. She did the same for my little sister who is a few years younger than my brother but the bond was stronger between that cat and my brother. Animals are very smart and intuitive creatures. I completely believe that they know things before we do.

Jardine Lean (anonymous)

Not for most of it but I’m 39 weeks now and for the last month or so my cat has been super clingy, she’s always been cuddly but now she’ll follow me around and meow if she can’t find me and whenever I lay down she immediately comes over and cuddles up to me. Also for the last few days one of my dogs has been staring at me, like she usually follows me around and watches me even before I was pregnant but it’s different now not like staring like dogs do when they’re being threatening but like just more alert/curious, ears forward tail slowly wagging. I think she just realized something is happening with me but since she hasn’t been around a pregnant lady before I don’t think she understands what it is yet.

Cassandra (anonymous)

At 20 weeks my mom’s cat started massaging my belly with her paws whenever i would come over and sit on the couch. It was so funny but so sweet!

Paulina (anonymous)

My normally very cuddly TFT stopped cuddling me for about 2 weeks around the beginning. She is fine now, but it was so weird not having her so close all the time!

Kelly (anonymous)

My dog knew I was pregnant before I did!