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Pregnancy with cats and dogs and other furbabies

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Those who have furbabies first and have been pregnant. When in the gestation did you notice a change in their behavior? (Dogs or cats or any other animal kids)

Esthie (anonymous)

My dog actually throws up with me… :((
I will feed him in the AM then a couple hours later he gets morning sickness…The same happens to me most days…
We’ll be sick at separate times though.

Lucie (anonymous)

My dog did not care about my pregnancy and did not really pay any attention to the baby until the baby started eating solids and throwing food on the floor.

Amanda Clark (anonymous)

We have two cats and I noticed no chance towards me while being pregnant, but was worried the one might get jealous when baby arrived as she is super cuddly. Turns out she loves baby and had been very patient with her. Both have handled the change much better than expected.

Abeer (anonymous)

My dogs seemed more protective both times – second time I didn’t think about much of it and didn’t know right away…. my daughter was 22 months old at the time and kissed my belly for the first time ever when we first conceived…. I brushed that off too…. it seemed everyone knew but me.

Jenna Turner (anonymous)

We’ve had our cats 9 years and they’re not cuddly. This is one of them every day for the last 2 months (I’m currently 13 + 5) He won’t leave me alone at all!

Jessica Dow (anonymous)

Yes! My dog started laying with her head on my belly in the first weeks, which she doesn’t do normally.
She also was way more protective of me, and was careful not to touch my bump as I got bigger.

Michele Singh (anonymous)

My furbaby saved mine and my son’s life when I was pregnant. I came downstairs in the morning and my usually excitable and cuddly dog sniffed at me and then ran to the corner of the room and wimpered before barking at me non-stop; I headed to the hospital as I was feeling nervous and his reaction had made me feel uneasy and when I got there they rushed to get me induced as I was suffering severely from pre-eclampsia.

Caroline (anonymous)

First pregnancy our dog was a puppy and didn’t really care but this time round she knew before we did and was very clingy but after about a month she eased off.

Joanne (anonymous)

I came home from work (I’m a cook) at about 20 weeks preg and my dog started licking my stomach and i was like “omg he knows I’m pregnant!” But then i realised i had spilt maple syrup on my shirt at work

Jesse P. (anonymous)

My pup was extra cuddly with me and kept nusling into my belly (which I thought was weird because he’d never done that before).. a few days later I took a test and I was 4 weeks pregnant haha he continued to be like that the entire pregnancy.

Natalie Ryan (anonymous)

With my fist our dog noticed early on. Not sure exactly when but he would not leave my side. He hated being held but always wanted me and me only to hold him.

With my second my cat didn’t really pick up on it till about 7-8 months. She would sleep with me or be on my lap or somewhere near me almost constantly. Once I had the baby she didn’t care anymore lmao.

Emma (anonymous)

I’m 10 weeks 4 days and neither of my dogs have a clue – still trampling all over me. 🙂

Gemma Razon (anonymous)

My dog acted more clingy from the beginning – she wanted to be on my belly all the time!

Sterling Q. (anonymous)

2 dogs and 2 cats, no change

Kelly (anonymous)

My dog knew I was pregnant before I did!