Home Piercing baby’s ears? My family’s pressuring me! What should i do?

Piercing baby’s ears? My family’s pressuring me! What should i do?

Thoughts on piercing your child’s ears at infancy? My family’s pressuring me to piercing my daughters ears because ‘it’s cute and no one can tell if she’s a boy or girl without earrings’.

I want to wait until she’s old enough to tell me she wants them pierced – I don’t find it right to punch holes in a child’s ears for the sake of strangers needing to know if they’re a boy or girl.

Mara (anonymous)

I agree with you. She needs to make that decision on her own when shes older. Remember that this is your baby, not your familys baby.

Jennifer Lover (anonymous)

I wouldn’t, it doesn’t look right to me and as you have said, it should be up to the child when they’re old enough to make that decision!

Ann Smith (anonymous)

Nope. My kids will make body altering decisions for themselves.

Chrystal O. (anonymous)

Nope. Not my body, not my choice. When they are old enough to ask, understand the risk and care for it themselves, they can make that decision.

Rebecca (anonymous)

If I ever have a girl, I want to wait. That way we can have a Mom-daughter date day. Go to lunch, get her ears done, maybe go for a pedicure or something. A day of fun she will always remember.

That is my plan anyway.

Mais Wolf (anonymous)

Let her decide. Be kind and respectful and FIRM with family about your decision. We are growing up in changing times, and not everyone believes a child has the right to decide what they want about their own body. Be the change.

Karen Olson (anonymous)

I’ve never understood why people would want to inflict pain on a child for cosmetic reasons. Definitely agree that it needs to be her decision when she is older and understands what it is x

Stephanie Freeman (anonymous)

e strong, remember she’s YOUR baby and who cares if you can’t tell just now, if she’s happy and healthy that’s all that matters. 😀 it’s unnecessary pain you’d be putting her through. I remember being 6 yrs old saying mummy can I get earrings? And she told me it would hurt but I did it and loved having earrings! My brother got his daughters ears pierced and he had to clean them all the time and it was hurting her. No need. 😀

Maxine Hugens (anonymous)

Noooooooo, I hate seeing babies with earrings. My daughter got hers done age 7, I waited till she could ask them another 6 months to be sure. Done the same with my son, the day he was going to get it done he changed his mind, he was 13. LOL.

Kelly Duval (anonymous)

I didn’t with my kids. It’s unfair to make them suffer just to avoid a question. I had so many issues bc no one knew I was allergic to gold so my ears just stayed infected. I was 4 so I could at least say it hurts.
I also took my younger one to the store dressed in frilly pink clothes with headband and someone still commented how cute my little boy is. Earring won’t change that lol.

Alison (anonymous)

As a vegan, not eating animals for me is about consent… almost as the same way my kid couldn’t consent to having their ears done. As a professional piercer in a shop I won’t even touch a kid unless they’re 10+ and can fully tell me that it’s their choice. Also, kids at that age have no idea how to take care of them, not touch them or pay with them… overall I’d wait. If someone’s really worried about gender put a cute bow headband on.

April Vuljan (anonymous)

Follow your gut. In my opinion, it’s her body. Earring holes can close up on the inside, as mine have, but the outside hole can be seen for the rest of your life.

Marissa (anonymous)

I personally would never do it – I couldn’t imagine causing unnecessary pain (and risk of infection) just because it looks cute.

Catherina Lopez (anonymous)

No way, not their body to mess with…. I know people who had their ears pierced as babies and really wish they’d been given the choice…. once they’ve been pierced, they can never return to normal… those lobes will always have indents! Stay strong momma.

Daphne Curtis (anonymous)

Absolutely not. Children are human being entitled to bodily autonomy. Cosmetic body mods are not for babies.