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Piercing baby’s ears? My family’s pressuring me! What should i do?

Thoughts on piercing your child’s ears at infancy? My family’s pressuring me to piercing my daughters ears because ‘it’s cute and no one can tell if she’s a boy or girl without earrings’.

I want to wait until she’s old enough to tell me she wants them pierced – I don’t find it right to punch holes in a child’s ears for the sake of strangers needing to know if they’re a boy or girl.

Mais Wolf (anonymous)

Let her decide. Be kind and respectful and FIRM with family about your decision. We are growing up in changing times, and not everyone believes a child has the right to decide what they want about their own body. Be the change.

Johanna (anonymous)

I did it at it was a horrible experience because I fell into that. Not only did she get them pierced without me present, but one of the ear piercings were nowhere near where it was supposed to be. She had to get it redone.

Tana (anonymous)

Magnetic earrings? I’m not comfortable with it, just because it was something that was left up to my decision when I was older, and it was painful for me as like an 8 year old.

Jade (anonymous)

it really doesn’t matter in my opinion. They won’t remember it. My niece has her ears pierced and didn’t even cry. But if she doesn’t want them peirced when she is older she can just take out her earring and let them grow in. Every girl has their ears pierced so I don’t see her growing up and all embarrassed she had her ears peirced. Personally I don’t think it’s necessary but I also don’t see it as a bad thing. It is netrual, people will find anything to be outraged about now a days

Kate (anonymous)

Nope nope nope. No piercings until the child asks for it. Consent needs to be practiced from birth

Ashley Campbell (anonymous)

My mom did mine and my sisters earrings when we were babies cause her reasoning was we’re probably going to want them when we’re older and this way we wouldn’t remember the pain and she could take care of them so they heal properly. So I’m not really against it but if you are definitely stand your ground and say no, it’s your baby and even though I’m ok with my ears being pierced when I was a baby doesn’t mean everyone would be.

Ann T. (anonymous)

At first, it must be their decision. At second -why should everybody know the gender?

Sindy Row (anonymous)

Let her make the choice!

Sarah (anonymous)

Your baby your choice! I asked the nurses to pierce my baby’s ears the day she was born in the hospital. Did not see it happen, I was told the cartilage is softer… I don’t know if I would do it again. The earrings were incredibly small but yet got stuck in my husband’s jacket and almost caused an accident…

Lisa Keller (anonymous)

I’m honestly surprised in a vegan parenting site where we are concerned about the use of animals for food products (without their consent), that there are still people that think its okay to pierce a babies ears without their consent. How about “Its your cow so its up to you if you want to keep breeding her to get milk.”

Christina (anonymous)

I 125% agree with your approach. Ears have a lot of pressure points. Pressure points that are very close together when a baby is small. My parents specifically refuse to let me pierce my ears until I was at least 7 years old because of the fact that once you put a hole in those pressure points and damage then there’s no getting them back. If you tell your family that at least I knew have some medical reasoning other than the fact that you’re being a respectful human being and allowing your daughter to have her own body autonomy.

Inez Srynn (anonymous)

Personally no i dont agree and i also wouldnt care about looking like a boy or girl this whole gender thing is silly. Girls in pink n boys in blue i personally dont like it n will let the kids wear n look however they want to. I had my ears pierced at 7 but i begged my mum for about a year n had it as a bday treat after my mum realised i really did want them doing n it wasnt just a phase. Haha im now covered in metal but even at 7 i was in a LOT of pain when they pierced them. Its uneccessary pain to pierce their ears at infancy and when theyre too young to decide if they want it doing themselves.
Id wait until your child is old enough to make that decision themself otherwise youre just hurting them and body modding them against their will.

Amy Stand (anonymous)

I wont do it until my daughter asks… and i wish my mother hadnt done mine at infancy, they were done incorrectly and i cant even wear earrings now without it being painful.

Annie (anonymous)

I wouldn’t until they ask for it

Sharon (anonymous)

Aside from the unnecessary pain involved I would be concerned about being able to keep the piercings clean and preventing infection. My bean will barely let me wipe his nose never mind anything else! It ‘s also an added risk of future injury when little ones are boisterous in play (I knew someone with a piece of ear missing from a ripped out earring). I was able to make the decision for myself and I am grateful for it.