Home I found out I was pregnant and around 6/7 weeks along, been having horrible cramping pains.

I found out I was pregnant and around 6/7 weeks along, been having horrible cramping pains.

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I found out I was pregnant and around 6/7 weeks along, been having horrible cramping pains all day / night yesterday. Went to A&E did bloods, urine tests all sorts, HCG levels were falling and as I was bleeding they said it was a miscarriage. I’m so devastated, all I could think about was whether I was having a boy or a girl, how they’d play a part in my wedding, who they’d look like me or their dad, my question is, how do you get over this pain both physical and emotional? And how soon after one can you try again?

Emily (anonymous)

It just takes time. I suffered 2 miscarriages this year. One naturally and one d&c. The only thing that help me was talking and being open and not bottling it up. U can start try again after ur first period following all this. Around 6-8 week. Prayers are with you girl. Im so sorry! These things seem so awful, but each of mine turned out to be blessing in disguise. Each time we had extreme things happen shortly after that i wouldn’t have been in a good place to have a lil one again.

Stacy Brain (anonymous)

Thank you, this comment helped a lot! I’m so sorry you suffered them too, they’re so awful! Just hope it is a blessing in disguise.

Jessica (anonymous)

Following! I’m in the same situation. I hope you’re coping okay.

Susan Williams (anonymous)

Time. I had one. Back in June at 6-7 weeks. I cried until my eyes were so swollen I couldn’t open them. I didn’t think i could ever go through it again but each day gets better. Not bc we tried but I got pregnant right away, 4 weeks later I was testing positive and now I’m just about 20 weeks along. Biggest hugs to you during this hard and sucky time.

Jenny (anonymous)

I’m glad it all worked out for you! Thank you, I’m trying to make myself feel better with ice cream and trash Tv but there’s only so much you can eat & watch.

Fitzy (anonymous)

I don’t think you ever get over it. We waited six months to try again. This time everything went well and my son will be two in this coming January.

Lai Cosman (anonymous)

Take the time to mourn, whatever that mean to you. Find support, whether it’s a friend or family member, someone who’s been through it or a professional.
I conceived my rainbow baby the month after my miscarriage ended. It’s been nearly 4 years and I still think about them daily, but it gets a bit easier.

Maxine (anonymous)

A healing book that I recommend is called Spirit Babies. It’s all about the energetic relationships with babies. Sending loving vibes.

Jessy Lopez (anonymous)

I struggled really bad with my first MC. I was almost 2nd trimester and devastated. I read this book a nurse told me about at a loss support group. I’ll try to find it and post it here. It’s hard, and you won’t ever forget it, but I promise!!! ( and I have 2 kids and suffered 3MC) that the pain does get less. It becomes part of you. Don’t give up hope. It also helped me to know that 2/3 of pregnancies end in MC but most people don’t talk about it.

Amanda Stark (anonymous)

Sorry to hear Emily. It’s amazing how much love there is right from the beginning, isn’t it? I had a miscarriage and just couldn’t believe it. I had already seen baby and heartbeat and everything was great at my 1st appointment and ultrasound at 6wks. Then around 11 to 12 weeks I started spotting. Went in and ultrasound showed no heartbeat with baby measuring only 7 to 8 weeks. It was devastating. My Dr gave me the choice of method for removal and I choose naturally. I kept spotting for about 2 days and finally came to peace with the situation. Once I did and allowed my body to release things really got moving. I choose the natural method because you can start trying much sooner than with a d&c. I feel pregnant again after 2 cycles and my rainbow love will be 4 yrs old in December. Sending lots of healing your way.

Catherina (anonymous)

I’ve been through two losses this past year, i have no advice except for lean on your partner, let them know what you’re feeling. It doesnt go away but with time gets better. Hugs

Becky Corbin (anonymous)

Hi! Im so sorry for ur loss. I was also around 6/7 weeks pregnant and I had the same experience as you. He/she would have been our second baby and would have already been born. I still haven’t recovered from the pain and loss from the whole ordeal. We named him/her Avery. Physically, you will heal and your body will be ready to be pregnant again in a couple months or so. But emotionally, it took me half a year to be ready again. But time is ur friend. It will get better. But you will never forget them, at least not with me. What i’m trying to say is youre not alone with this and it will get better.

Sterling Smith (anonymous)

We waited a year. I changed my diet and everything I was using on my body I stopped taking all medications that were not safe for pregnancy I was hella paranoid over what made me miscarry though.