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I am overweight, is it good to eat vegan during pregnancy?

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Hello everyone! I need some advice. I’m not going to be a hypocrite. I’m not 100% vegan or raw. I have months when I eat 100% raw vegan and months when I eat whatever (including animal products)…

However, last night I found out I’m pregnant and I want to eat 100% raw vegan for the rest of my pregnancy. Are there any foods that you would recommend me to eat more this time or not to eat? Also the doctor won’t be able to see me until next week, but she told me to start taking pregnancy vitamins with folic acid asap. Is there a brand that has natural sources for the pregnancy vitamins? (I live in the UK).

I am overweight already and don’t want to take too many kg and I do want the best for my baby, but some people tend to think it might be bad to transition while pregnant. Has anyone else did it?

Thank you all for your advices and kind thoughts!

Leticia (anonymous)

Garden or life raw prenatals.

I think you’d need years of being raw and having perfect blood work to be raw whilst pregnant and make sure your not lacking anything.
You need mushrooms, herbs, wild food, fermented food probiotics etc
Don’t be so hard on yourself do raw when you can but try be balanced most of all. It’s very hard to go from eating animal products to completely raw the transition would usually be vegan ..then raw making sure blood work is done all the time. Enjoy your pregnancy.

Sabina Müller (anonymous)

You need consistency. So make the commitment to being vegan. This is the most important. And eat a High Raw Food intake. But you should include tons of veggies, as well as rice, beans, lentils, etc.

Garden Of Life has great vegan prenatals. You should YouTube vegan pregnancy and go from there. There is a lot of helpful info out there.

Just eat consciously and don’t worry about weight. You’re growing a baby and you’ll be able to lose it after, breastfeeding especially helps this. Enjoy being pregnant and embrace your body during this transition.

Amber joe (anonymous)

Since you are just starting I would recommend seeing a dietitian. There are also good books like How Not to Die and Becoming Vegan.

Eva Larson (anonymous)

First off, congratulations on your pregnancy!
Being pregnant is NOT the time to try and be raw vegan and it’s definitely not the time to beat yourself up!
When I was pregnant with my son (who is now 2) I tried being mostly raw and I honestly didn’t feel very good. I had a lot of nausea with him. I just had my 2nd baby and this pregnancy was a MILLION times better and I truly believe that most of it is due to the fact that I weight lifted up until the day before I went into labor. I didn’t kill myself at the gym and I backed off some with the pounds towards the end, listening to my body, but what was key is that I was consistent. My daughter is now 4mths old and I’ve already lost more of my baby weight this time then what it took me to do in a year after my son. The weight lifting gave me a better appetite this time around which helped me to eat a better and more well rounded diet. Still vegan but very little processed foods. Lots of beans, greens, potatoes, fruits, nuts, etc.
Don’t try to do some crazy workout but I’m just saying, stay active and eat well!

Clara Z. (anonymous)

Raw vegan pregnancies rock I was raw with my 4th child it was my easiest pregnancy no nausea or anything.

Sidney Wish (anonymous)

At a recent talk Dr Greger doesn’t recommend 100% raw as cooking some vegetables for example carrots and tomatoes releases more nutrients.

Michelle Anderson (anonymous)

I’d start with just going vegan and then try raw when you can master that.

Keny (anonymous)

I would go vegan not raw.

Lara (anonymous)

I’d advise against raw but totally go healthy vegan