Home Has anyone got any tips on babies that need rocking to sleep and how to get out of the habit?

Has anyone got any tips on babies that need rocking to sleep and how to get out of the habit?

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I have a 17 week old that’s reliant on rocking tonap in the daytime and is starting to fully wake in the night numerous times?! He was always a good night sleeper but his habits seem to be changing! Any advice would be welcome, I’m not keen on the crying out method as I think he’s too young.

Natalie (anonymous)

White noise is working well for us. I put it on and put bubs in her bassinet then pat her chest until she falls asleep.

Stacy K. (anonymous)

I know it’s hard but he’s so young, he needs u to feel safe while he falls asleep. I cuddled mine to sleep for years, these years go too fast. People will tell u not to get them in bad habits but in my eyes cuddling and loving your baby is not a bad habit. I know it’s so hard and tiring and seems like its going to last forever but it only lasts a while.
I have these saved from when my LO one was a baby…

Charlotte (anonymous)

We used one of those yoga balls and jut sat and bounced on that. It was a lot easier than rocking, but beware, we still have to do it sometimes if she’s having trouble sleeping which is is no fun with a toddler. My daughter had always been a terrible sleeper though

Ann Tylor (anonymous)

Charlotte, that’s such an awesome idea! I used to bounce on the end of the bed to give myself a resf from standing up rocking.. never thought of a fitball though! 🙂

Laura (anonymous)

Hey only stay little for such a short amount of time, don’t focus on “habits” or “routines” , focus on your beautiful baby and how content they are in your arms. Soon enough they’ll be sleeping on their own and you’ll miss those cuddles so much.

Jackie (anonymous)

My baby is 1 and needed rocking to sleep until a couple of months ago. It’s not a bad habit that needs to be kicked, it’s just something they enjoy and find soothing. We got a rocking chair to make it less work for us and gradually he has needed it less and less and just lies down to go to sleep on his own. Enjoy the extra cuddles while they last it goes so quickly

Janelle Davis (anonymous)

Children learn independence from having a secure attachment. And secure attachment comes from having their needs met. Also infants and toddlers are biologically programmed to need to be close to their mothers day and night. It’s also developmentally normal for young children to wake frequently throughout the night and nurse to sleep. Sleep is a developmental milestone and is ever changing. It’s effected by so many different things (teething, growth spurts, routine changes, other developmental milestones, etc). So just because your baby was sleeping say 6 hours from 2 months to 4 months, doesn’t mean they always will nor is anything wrong.

Ellie Foster (anonymous)

Thank you all for your lovely words and advice, very reassuring to know I’m not the only mummy who just wants their baby happy. Such a shame we have such pressure to do it differently, I guess I should follow my instincts!