Home Eating raw during pregnancy? I need some advice!

Eating raw during pregnancy? I need some advice!

Did anyone eat mostly raw when breastfeeding? I would like to eat heavy raw (maybe 75% raw and 25% cooked) and I would love any simple, make-ahead recipes that will give my body what it needs to make nutritious milk for my baby.

Samber (anonymous)

Keep it simple i mostly just eat fruit

Cloe D (anonymous)

Following! Feel like it’ll be the easiest with a newborn!

Esmaralda Busby (anonymous)

I was wondering the same thing.

Marisol (anonymous)

Really its so easy i just eat fruit when i am hungry sometimes do a smoothie or salad. I add certain herbs to my smoothies to get more minerals. Been eating mostly this way while breastfeeding and pregnant and had milk the whole pregnancy.

rebecca holy (anonymous)

I would assume just eating enough and getting a well balanced diet! I am also considering eating mostly raw and I’m due 7/17. Make every meal nutritiously dense.

Carla Dien (anonymous)

We try to do fruit for breakfast, salad with lots of toppings (nuts, seeds, etc) for lunch and a cooked dinner.

Thien Chen (anonymous)

I will be doing this, slow cooked oats for breakfast fruit and slow cooked soups for lunch. Going to make some nut cheesein advance and perhaps some cookies from the dehydrator that I can freeze. Loads of herbal teas and ferments. Raw doesn’t have to be cold and is not healthy if just surviving on fruit and veg long term especially for baby.

Alexandra Moet (anonymous)

Thanks everyone! 🙂