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Do you think that a vegan diet is sometimes not really an option for some toddlers?

Do you think that a vegan diet is sometimes not really an option for some toddlers? A healthy vegan diet takes careful eating, but toddlers can be so fussy that even with some supplementation and lots of creativity, sometimes they will barely eat anything of certain food groups. And considering that one individual’s vegan diet on its own makes only a negligible impact (if any) on the animal products industries… is it fair to risk their health for so little impact if they’re really eating so poorly when it comes to legumes, vegetables, etc., and can’t consume soy for allergy reasons… or similar reasons?

It’s a very difficult topic…but I think that not boycotting an industry that already exists is somewhat different from directly causing harm to individual creatures. In other words, what a toddler eats or doesn’t eat for a small part of their life may not make a difference to any animal on any farm, but missing nutrients will impact the kid’s developing body a lot.

Growing plants also causes some suffering through fertilisers in waterways, pesticides, land clearing, harvesting, etc… which is awful, yet we still buy these for our families to survive and be well. Ethics and compassion can be confusing.

Kaisy (anonymous)

Tbh my kids would want to live off rice and pancakes either way. It wouldn’t matter if I offered them corpse. Picky is picky.

Anna (anonymous)

Kaisy, it is how I feel exactly. They are pretty much all going to go through phases of picky and not eating and were all going to wonder if they’re starving or nutrient deficient – meat or no meat.

Summer Webber (anonymous)

Struggling with this too. My 2-yr old always wants dry toast and crackers and it’s a good day if he actually has some hummus or avocado with them. I do need to cook more – but only pasta goes down well.

Mandy Z. (anonymous)

If my toddler isn’t eating healthy as a vegan, why would I add even WORSE food to his diet? Makes no sense!

Christina (anonymous)

Mandy: That’s what I was going to say. I know 3 “meat eating” children who have pretty much only eaten potatoes for 2 or more years straight.

I also know kids who eat McDonald’s everyday. It’s funny that those parents never think twice about their kids health.

Im lucky, my child likes everything at 13 months. I’m hoping it because he’s been plant based since conseption and he ate all those wonderful foods whole he was developing inside me.

Lara D. (anonymous)

They go through phases too, and I believe kids can be intuitive about what their bodies need. My 3yo has always been a big eater, and we never turn meals into a battle ground. Of course he exerts his will – he’s 3 after all – but all we dois provide an array of healthy food and he can choose what he wants. Today he ate a head of broccoli – his choice! Our motto is – we show him what’s available for meals and he chooses how much. Sometimes he just wants a bowl of watermelon for breakfast, other days he’ll eat fruit, smoothie, and a bowl of porridge and still have room for more. It’s fascinating to observe.

Priscilla Muller (anonymous)

They would not be healthier on an omni diet, dairy would be terrible for them.
What benefits would it add?

Natalie (anonymous)

And u think that by giving them meat will make them more healthy or their diet more complete ?
I think any diet needs to be careful planned .
Kids who eat meat and dairy , can also lack nutrients and can also be picky eaters .

A toddlers impact is perhaps small , but one day they will become adults. Teaching them to eat right from the start , is not only healthier but also they will give them more chances for them to continue eating that way when they become adults .

Isabell P. (anonymous)

I have never felt that my child’s diet is compromised in any way by not feeding her animals and their secretions… even if I did have a picky child I would not be forcing dead animals on their plate to “make up” for anything.

Holly (anonymous)

My kid is veggy rather than vegan because they are picky. The only vegetable they will eat is broccoli, olives and tomato sauce. They will not eat any vegan protein substitutes but will eat veggy ones. He has a lot of other sensory processing issues as well. He is very passionately veggy and we hope as he gets older he will wish to transition.

Natalie James (anonymous)

Since meat is a category 1 carcinogen how is that healthier? Start them on a healthy diet from day one.. all toddlers are picky & fussy, it takes many attempts at feeding a food for them to get used to it. Went through it with both my kids snd by age 3 they were loving legumes, veggies, mock meats, whole grains, only plant based foods. They are extremely healthy.

Lizzy (anonymous)

Supplement with multivitamins if u are concerned that Ur child is not getting enough.
Meat or dairy is not the answer

Esther RIsley (anonymous)

No, I do not think a vegan diet is not really an option for toddlers.

Clara Pavey (anonymous)

If you are breastfeeding as well as supplimenting, nutrients are not an issue.

Amy Viklund (anonymous)

I have a fussy 2 year old too, I make smoothies, nice cream with spinach and hemp seeds and toasted nuts and seeds, lots of roasted chick peas with onion powder and other herbs and spices, lots of sushi, lots of oats, oat biscuits with flax and chia seeds, etc… lots of hummus with veg sticks and brown rice crackers, avo and hummus on toast, nut butters, fruit, etc… along with b12 sprays and vit d and c when he needs it. It makes a huge difference as when our children are young, we are setting up the eating habits they will have as adults.