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Can you have TOFU if you are pregnant?

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So I have been eating tofu. A LOT. And my vegan friend told me only twice a week or less that it has too much estrogen in it? I just really love tofu and trying to eat more quinoa to replace tofu. Trying to go more raw vegan. I feel so different when I eat tofu and when I don’t eat it the whole day after that. My pcos and hormones are wack still. But thanks to Vitex is really helping me. What do you all think? Is there something in tofu that makes me feel weird throughout the day? Too much Soy. I can’t explain how I feel. Like bloated and more hungry after that. Do you all know what I mean? Did anyone ever feel the same way?

Adie Ross (anonymous)

Actually, soy has an amazing ability to balance hormones and help PROTECT us from hormone dependant cancers.

As you drip more and more soy compounds on breast cancer cells in a petri dish, less and less actual estrogen is able to bind to them. The much weaker, gentle-acting phytoestrogens in soy slot into the cell receptor sites and block real estrogen from being taken up by the cell. This is called competitive inhibition and is one of the theories behind why so many studies have shown a connection between soy and a reduced incidence of cancer.

Nutrition research is complex, and some of the mixed messages we’ve heard from soy researchers have arisen due to the difference between animal test subjects and humans, tests taking place in petri dishes and test tubes instead of real human bodies, and conclusions drawn from research based on isolated ingredients taken from soy verses soy as a whole food, just to name but a few of the variables! While more research needs to be done, up to date position statements from cancer councils around the world agree that a moderate consumption (1-3 servings) of daily soy is perfectly safe.

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