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Blueberries for babys, which month?

How old were your baby when you gave them blueberries?
I keep getting mixed reviews. I’ve heard it’s fine once they are 6 months, 8-10 months, and then I’ve heard they are like strawberries and shouldn’t be introduced until after 1 for the possibility of increased allergies. So confusing lol.

Fiona Chen (anonymous)

That’s silly, you can feed it to them anytime after 6months. Holding off feeding them common allergen foods increases the occurrence of the allergy. Same with peanut butter.

Kendy Z. (anonymous)

I give my 9 month old strawberries and blueberries. :O

Stacy (anonymous)

Mee to, Kendy!

Annelisa Leiver (anonymous)

I gave my kid both at 6 months. We don’t have any food allergies in either family and did everything pretty early.

Kimberly (anonymous)

In Australia at the moment I think I the recommendation is not to keep possible allergens till later…you can give them before 1 as far as I know…and witholding foods till later may increase the chance of a reaction. If you’re worried then make sure you’re near a doctor or sit in the hospital parking lot for the first few tries.

Clara James (anonymous)

We don’t have any family history of severe food allergies that I am aware of. My husband and I have none. I’m just paranoid.

Juanita Deluca (anonymous)

I’m in the US and was told that introducing things like peanuts, etc actually decreases the risk of developing an allergy unless mom, dad or sibling has bad reactions.

Chevaum (anonymous)

Same in South Africa, our pediatrician said the same, early exposure can reduce the risk of developing allergies. My little one is 1 and a half already but he loves his strawberries and blueberries. He’s had them from a fairly young age, first in smoothie form and later in it’s whole form.

Stephanie (anonymous)

I think he was 7 or 8 months old when he had both strawberries and blueberries. Also gave peanut butter and other nut butters right at6 months. New studies show that introducing possible allergens earlier is more beneficial.

Maria Cortes (anonymous)

I’ve mixed berries with her baby oatmeal for breakfast from 6 months on. I mash the blueberries well though, because she had a hard time with the skin of a smashed blueberry irritating her gag reflex in the beginning. Babies have a further forward gag reflex than we do, so it’s not hard to irritate it.

Zahri o. (anonymous)

I’m almost positive that we didn’t do berries til 8 months. I did baby led weaning, but followed the “order” of food they were supposed to eat.

Brigit Wells (anonymous)

I guess I’ll give them a try, my lo is almost 9 months. I feel like I just keep giving her the same stuff over and over.

Briana Y. (anonymous)

Didn’t even know this was a thing.

I gave my son blueberries earlier than 8 months

Andrew Lauren (anonymous)

Old recommendations were to wait to introduce “high allergen” foods for as long as possible to reduce the chance of developing the allergy.. but more recent recommendations are to introduce “high allergen” foods earlier than later to reduce the chance of developing the allergy. It’s now recommended to give small amounts of peanut butter regularly as soon as baby starts solids, and that’s one of the most common severe allergies there is. Pretty sure the ONLY thing infants shouldn’t have is honey (non issue for vegans) because of the botulism risk. Everything else is just when you feel comfortable with it.

Asthon (anonymous)

Gave mine everything with no restrictions (vegan obvs) from the time we started solids at like 6.5-7 months. Never an issue.