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Blueberries for babys, which month?

How old were your baby when you gave them blueberries?
I keep getting mixed reviews. I’ve heard it’s fine once they are 6 months, 8-10 months, and then I’ve heard they are like strawberries and shouldn’t be introduced until after 1 for the possibility of increased allergies. So confusing lol.

Andrew Lauren (anonymous)

Old recommendations were to wait to introduce “high allergen” foods for as long as possible to reduce the chance of developing the allergy.. but more recent recommendations are to introduce “high allergen” foods earlier than later to reduce the chance of developing the allergy. It’s now recommended to give small amounts of peanut butter regularly as soon as baby starts solids, and that’s one of the most common severe allergies there is. Pretty sure the ONLY thing infants shouldn’t have is honey (non issue for vegans) because of the botulism risk. Everything else is just when you feel comfortable with it.

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