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Are tattoos generally vegan?

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Does anybody know if tattoos are generally vegan? And is it safe for a breastfeeding mum, or better to wait? Might be a bit OT, sorry.

Alison Porton (anonymous)

It is safe but tattooists will have received other information and refuse to tattoo you unless you can find one that knows the correct information.

Clare Gale (anonymous)

They aren’t generally vegan, you’ll need to find one with vegan inks. Slight risk of blood borne diseases so you need to choose a good place.

Stacy Holy (anonymous)

I recently asked my tattooist and he refused while i was breastfeeding 🙂 from my research it’s safe with only very small risks that are risks to everyone getting tattooed not just bf women, but my thought was why expose myself to unnecessary risk while bf, i decided to wait until i was finished. The place i would go to uses vegan inks. 🙂

Amy Longhouse (anonymous)

I’m a tattoo artist Hun, we don’t usually tattoo breastfeeding women only just in case some disease is transferred to the Bub through blood (highly unlikely) just covers our asses. You must make sure the artist not only uses vegan inks but stencil products, razors, soaps and vegan vasoline (most have lanolin in it). There are a lot of products used in the process so make sure everything used is vegan.

Ann C. (anonymous)

I got tattooed when I was pregnant right in the beginning :/it’s up to you- of course there’s always risks but it’s not likely. And if you’ve had tattoos before you will know how to look after it properly and make sure it’s healing ok.

Loraly Stone (anonymous)

When in doubt, wait it out.