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Anyone makes their own baby food?

Hi mommas! Wondering if anyone makes their own baby food. It’s about that time for my little one to start and I’m wondering if it’s worth it to make my own. If you do how & what do you use to make it? I’ve heard the baby bullet was good but it’s a little pricey. Tia!

Alex (anonymous)

Have you thought about Baby Led weaning?

Ketina Bay (anonymous)

What is that? Never heard of it.

Erin Simms (anonymous)

I homemade all of my daughters baby food. It’s totally worth it, way more nutritious than anything you can buy prepackaged. I used a baby bullet. I’d steam her veggies in a steamer then use that same water to blend it all up. The baby bullet also comes with a good guide book. It may be pricey but the amount of money you save from not buying premade food makes it worth it.

Lucy (anonymous)

We have the munckin blender and it’s awesome.
We’ve made carrots, pears and sweet potatoes so far.
Boil till soft, add a little breast milk and purée!

Sandra Keth (anonymous)

I’ve made all my little girls food in a normal blender and an ice cube try. Don’t see the point in spending a fortune when u don’t need 2?! She has loved everything so far.

Jenny Wilson (anonymous)

Nope. I do baby led weaning. Much better.

Cathy (anonymous)

Did baby led weaning so she practically ate the same things we did.

Rebecca Tambau (anonymous)

We’ve got a ninja blender that we already used. We made my LOs food. In the beginning we introduced food from a jar for like 2mos & buying the quality stuff was expensive. I wasn’t the biggest fan of BLW plus my daughter was late to wanna self feed anyways even tho we tried a little in the beginning. She’s bout to be a yr now & we still portion out food into the storage containers we used but it’s no longer in the puree form, so we’re still getting plenty of use out storage cubes we bought. If you invest in em, the containers are great when ur done doing pureés if u go that route for things like oatmeal/yogurt/fruit cups/veggie cups. Best of luck to ya.

Natalie (anonymous)

I use a cuisinart smoothie blender. It came with several 16 oz cups, a 10 and a 40. I find it to be great because I rarely want to make more than 16 oz at a time anyway for her and then I can still use the cups for my own smoothies and don’t have tons of little cups everywhere.

Barianna Moley (anonymous)

We have the baby bullet, it’s ok. If you have a deal on smith better, get that one . We got it on a good deal that’s why we bought it. When I 1st gave my baby solids, I gave him store bought (only organic, singe ingredients), after that he refused the home made food. It took a week or more to get him off the store jars. Don’t rush into giving her store food. Take your time, cook for her. You can message me in private, I might ave smith to help you.

Cecilia (anonymous)

Definitely make your own. Jarred food is a waste of money. Any blender will do. And you can blend up whatever you and the fam are having for dinner.
You can also do a combination of blended foods and baby led weaning. (Because not all foods are BLW friendly)

Isa (anonymous)

Definetely. Pre-pepared ones are not healthy and specially when introducing food to babies as their gut is so immature still. You don’t have to blend, just boil / steam and mash with a fork (you can also try baby led weaning – but that’s time consuming). Do it in batches and freeze small portions to save on time.

Maria Griffith (anonymous)

I hated Baby Led Weaning. I tried it but its too scary for me. I make my own purees, carrots, broccoli, coliflower, lentils, beans, squash, pumpkin.

I just boil if needed and then blend it in my nutri bullet and use water for perfect consistency. You can use any blender, dont be brainwashed by that baby bullet crap.

To store it, i put food into ice cubes, and when it hardens i label and transfer them into zip lock bags.

Laura (anonymous)

I made all my son’s food and just used a cheap grinder.

Becky (anonymous)

I always made my own baby food. The first time I used the baby bullet and loved it. The second time I used our regular blender and that was fine too. And your daughter is off the charts adorable/beautiful/picture perfect!