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Anyone do birthing classes?

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Anyone do birthing classes? Did you do it in person or online? Which type of class did you choose and how was your experience? Did it help? I’m particularly interested in hypnobirthing.

Darcy (anonymous)

Currently doing it, I like it so far. It’s in person provided by my birth center tree of life.

Lora (anonymous)

I did hypnobirthing online as through YouTube. The breathing techniques really helped me focus and relax through my labour. My little one came 3 weeks early so I missed my actual class by a week.

Stacy Jenett (anonymous)

First pregnancy we did Bradley Method classes in person. This second pregnancy I did the Mama Natural classes online. Both were helpful. Bradley more so for my partner- helped him understand pregnancy and birth and just how he could help along the whole process! I found it a little boring but super informative. The mama Natural was great for me to do on my own, I learned way more than I had the first time and like that I can pause or rewatch.

Sandra Kaly (anonymous)

I’ve been teaching HypnoBirthing for 17 yrs and am a doula. Have worked with mamas taking all types of birth classes. Feel free to PM me. I can give you feedback about how I see various classes playing out in the birth room. This include one line classes as well.