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Any foods with iron? What can you suggest?

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What can i do to increase my iron? I already eat a ton of lentils/ beans, nuts and green veggies. I don’t eat processed foods and take a quality prenatal. Hoping for some suggestions. Help- severely anemic and well into my 2nd trimester. I’m afraid it’s going to cause some complications for me in delivery.

Katherina (anonymous)

I had to have iron infusions through IV. My body does not absorb it well at all.

Esther (anonymous)

I had to take twice the dosage of iron supplements daily from around 4 months in. I was loosing huge chunks of hair from it and kept nearly fainting all the time.

Christal Jeffrey (anonymous)

I took Garden of Life My Kind Organics Iron + Herbs supplement. It’s whole food and good for you! If you take it with orange juice it helps your body absorb more of the iron.

Gemma Rose (anonymous)

Make sure to get vitamin c when you eat high iron foods. It will help you absorb the iron.

Kate (anonymous)

I took Floradix and then reviewed my diet ate as much ironrich food as poss – I even begrudgingly ate blackstrap molasses (eugh!) but it did the job. As above eat with vitamin c and also I’ve heard to avoid caffeine for 2 hours before/after as it blocks the absorbtion.

Rachel L. (anonymous)

Spatone liquid iron! It absorbs much more easily than pills, and won’t be hard on your stomach. My iron levels quickly improved once I started taking that..

Amanda Niem (anonymous)

I actually had to take an over the counter Iron drop. It helped raise my numbers pretty quick. I recommend that. Although it does taste nasty… but it got the job done.

Melissa Johnson (anonymous)

I too I had to triple my doses. I was severely anemic in my pregnancy. I took wheatgrass shots it has 418 percent of iron in it. I splurged on chlorella, marine phytoplankton, chlorophyll, and spirulina tablets. I also took raw iron by garden of life. I took a lot of iron to get myself ready for labor and had only 4 weeks or else I would have had a blood transfusion and increased risk of hemorrhage in labor. I got it all up in time! Double to triple your approaches! But listen to your body each day! Beet juice is excellent for also getting up Your counts!!! Worked for me. My counts were excellent when I went into labor which should have taken months to build iron stores. It worked for me xo. Wish you health and a happy healthy birth.

Clara (anonymous)

Avoid any drinks with caffeine like tea or coffee!

Martha Eyes (anonymous)

Vitamin C helps absorption. So pure orange or supplements before iron rich food or supplement.
Floradix (one is vegan and one not as has honey, so check label at boxes are similar).
Avoid calcium rich foods around Iron intake, it blocks absorption as does thing like caffeine etc.
Black strap molasses is great too, straight off a spoon or dissolved in hot water for a drink either warm or cold.
Also look into if your nuts, seeds, beans & lentils have been soaked (activated).
Look up in the internet to research more about activating your seeds, nuts etc. Explains the Science why it help, enzyme inhibitors blocking the absorption of nutrients and tougher on our body too.
If you ever get or know anyone with a dehydrator, next level being able to activate, dry (dehydrate) & store your nuts etc. So always got some ready. Pop them in energy balls etc. Great to make loads ahead and freeze or chill, especially as go to snack for when baba arrives.

Loraly (anonymous)

Vitamin c helps absorption tremendously! Just eat a piece of fruit with each meal!